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​I'm a programmer, an electrician, a computer scientist. Or soon just "was". I'm working on achieving financial independence.

I have a young son to whom I want to leave a real, tangible sense of freedom. And to do that, first and foremost - let's be honest - I need money. We need to focus on using the hours we spend working every day not for someone else, but for the benefit of others!
Can you feel the difference? If so, and you're with me, you'll find me!

Of course, I'm not just a business builder, but a "traditional" person who is naturally interested and attracted by many other things besides FLP. Below are four such areas, they really connect with me.
I like physics, astrophysics, astronomy and in general tangible, provable things. I have mastered (and use) mind control techniques. I like to read and listen to good - I know this is subjective - music. To this day my favourite is the Beatles.

"​Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend..."