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most important

Marketing PLAN (HUN)

​Business rules in force from 1 June 2022. This 96-page document sets out exactly what Forever stands for, and of course every detail of the Marketing Plan is also in the document. In Hungarian only.

Marketing PLAN videO

​Apart from the wording, the video is actually a summary of the Business Policy, which you can listen to on my YouTube channel (an updated version is also being prepared to reflect the 2023 rule changes!)
By the way, it's such an important point of FLP business that it's also available separately under the staff menu!

Marketing plan video
​product catalogue 2023 second quarter

​Similar to the first (2023) quarterly catalogue, this version also includes FLP products distributed in Hungary. However, it also includes DX4, Forever Marine Collagen, Aloe Body Lotion, Aloe Body Wash.

​product catalogue 2023 first quarter

​The official product catalogue for the years 2022-2023, published on an online "scrollable" website.

​ethical code

​The Code of Ethics is a set of rules and standards, the purpose of which is to provide guidance on ethical issues. The values and related rules set out herein apply to all FLP employees and business builders.

​"Clean and Simple" book (HUN)

​The bestselling Forever 2000s publication is available in PDF version as a pure and simple "basic work". Obviously, this book does not include many of the new products that have been released since then, in fact! Some products that have since been discontinued are still in the book. Be that as it may, this book is a basic work of knowledge published by many physicians. I definitely recommend it for reading or re-reading.