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​How can I join the company, i.e. become a wholesale customer?

​1. make a basket worth at least 55 EUR + VAT → Webshop, top of the page!
2. register (use my code for example, which is also shown at the top of every page, but if you use the link above you are already registered!)
3. order, pay for the product

With my help you can get more ideas, advice, suggestions on products and if you want to earn money I can tell you how to get started. I suggest you contact me, let's get in touch! Subscribe to the Newsletter to get information you can't get on the street. Follow me on social media and above all, breathe and drink lots of water 😄

​How do I get my order?

​When you have put together your basket, you can choose how you want to receive your parcel in the BASKET function. This can be in person (you pick it up yourself), by courier or by parcel service. Of course, the latter usually involve an additional cost.

Orders will be handled by Forever Living Products Ltd. and delivered to the address you specify when ordering.

​How can I contact Forever customer service?

​To contact a Forever Hungary representative, email ugyfelszolgalat@foreverliving.hu or call the appropriate phone number listed on the Stores page.

Before you call customer service, you may want to talk to me as I may be able to help. You can find everything you need to do this on the contact page.

​Where are Forever's facilities located?

​Our facilities include our aloe plantations in the Dominican Republic and Mission, Texas, our manufacturing units in Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas, and our distribution facility in the Netherlands. And our Forever offices cover the globe. Contact details for our offices can be found on the official website.

​Aloe Vera is all the rage these days, which one to choose and which one not to?

​Unfortunately, Aloe Vera is used by many companies to promote their own products and increase sales. At first glance, you can tell the quality of a product by looking at the amount of Aloe Vera it contains. This is not necessarily a function of price!

In the case of cosmetics, if it is above 50%, it is high quality. In the case of drinking gels, we can say the same thing if the value is above 90%. It also makes no difference what technology is used to produce it. Check the company's website to see whether they harvest their own aloe from their own plantations and whether they have their own processing plant (Forever Living is a one-stop shop! It's a vertical business).
In addition, what may seem minor but is very important: see if it is committed to perfecting and manufacturing aloe vera products or if it is using the Aloe Vera name for simple marketing purposes.

​How long is aloe vera gel good for after opening?

​If you store it in the fridge, it should be good until the expiry date, but this will depend largely on the temperature and humidity of the air and the possible spread of bacteria in the fridge. Generally speaking, drinking juices are guaranteed for 30 days after opening, provided they are not contaminated with bacteria (e.g. someone drinks it...)

​What is FLP or warehouse (webshop) login ID?

​Your login ID starts with the country of residence code you entered when you registered - 360 for Hungary - followed by a consecutive number assigned at registration (for example, my FLP ID is 360-000-184-570 This shows that I am registered in Hungary and am the 184570th FLP member (Forever Business Owner).
If someone registers in another country, they will also generate an ID number in that country.

Check the official business policy under the word COUNTRY for the importance of this. You will find it under Downloads Most Important!

​What is the difference between flavoured and natural aloe vera gel?

​Flavoured gel has a more runny consistency and sweet fruit flavour, so if you don't like the jelly-like consistency and sour taste of natural gel, we recommend flavoured gel. (And it's not just a matter of taste, because in some cases only natural gel is an option, while in others, for example, Berry Nectar is recommended.
As of the time of writing, Forever offers a range of flavoured gels, namely Forever Aloe Berry Nectar (734), Forever Aloe Mango (736), Forever Aloe Peaches (777), Forever Freedom (196)
Contact me to discuss the mechanism of action of these products!


​Given that Forever has an exhaustive answer to this question on its Webshop Usage page, I won't copy the information here, especially since if something changes in the ordering process, I may not be able to track it on my website in time.

So, you will find the answer under the heading "Shopping in the Webshop". Please visit the linked page!

​What company is FLP, or Forever Living Products?

​Forever Living Products (FLP) was founded in 1978 by American businessman Rex Maughan /1936-2021/. It is still a family business today. Basically, its aloe vera and other natural herbal products are now available in 164 countries.

These quality vitamins, personal hygiene, skin care, cosmetics and lifestyle products have been available in Hungary since 3 June 1996. Forever (FLP) does not only offer products, but according to the marketing plan built on a system of referrals, those who do the right work and are willing to learn and train themselves can earn an income without a ceiling.

Forever in numbers (2022 data)

  • ​ten years of research before entering the market (1968-1978) 
  • the world's largest Aloe vera grower, producer and distributor (92%!) The remaining 8% is shared by two thousand companies 
  • operate in a so-called verical integration, i.e. research, cultivate, process, transport, store, sell
    plantations in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Texas 
  • 2022 turnover of USD 3.5 billion 
  • 8405 employees 
  • 11,000,000 users (95% consumers and only 5% builders) 
  • all Forever properties are owned 
  • Forever has no debt and is not listed on any stock exchange
​What is the buy-back policy?

​The New Buyer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, the New Buyer may request a replacement of the defective product with an identical product, or may cancel the purchase, return the product and request a full refund of the purchase price, excluding shipping costs. See the relevant details of the Business Policy in chapter 21.3.

​What is a 100% guarantee?

​In accordance with section 21.03 of Forever Living Products' current International Business Policy. 

​a) The Product Buyer / Preferred Customer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A Within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, the Product Purchaser / Preferred Customer:

1) Request a replacement of the defective Product with an identical Product; or
2) Withdraw from the purchase, return the product and receive a full refund of the purchase price, excluding shipping costs.

(b) To assert his/her claim, the Product Purchaser / Preferred Customer must submit an appropriate written notice, provide proof of the purchase and the date of purchase with an invoice and return the Product to the Customer the place of purchase to FLP Company without delay, but no later than within the 30-day period specified above 30 days.

FLP reserves the right to refuse repeated returns.

(c) If FLP Products are sold by the Product Purchaser / Preferred Customer Price Gains and Bonuses will be withdrawn from the Forever Business Partners who benefited from the sale.  
​(d) When FLP Products are obtained from or through a Forever Business Partner, this Forever Business Partner assumes primary responsibility for customer satisfaction in such a manner, by either replacing the product or refunding the money. In the event of a dispute, the FLP will determine the facts and resolve the dispute. If cash is paid/issued by FLP, the same amount will be charged to the Forever Business Partner(s) who, as a result of the sale of the product profited from the sale of the product.
​What types of products does Forever Living Products offer?

​Forever Living Products offers cosmetics and dietary supplement products to help you feel and look better. The range includes aloe vera drinks, skin care, weight control products, vitamin and mineral supplements. Explore over a hundred products in the Webshop, or find out more on this website, including under the Products menu from the main menu.

​Why aloe vera?

​Aloe vera is a key ingredient in Forever Living products. The benefits of aloe vera have been known for thousands of years, which is why dozens of our products are based on this highly prized plant. Aloe vera is known to have amazing benefits for our bodies and minds. Aloe vera supports the digestive system, supports the immune system, aids in the absorption of nutrients and boosts our natural energy levels just right. It also moisturises and nourishes the skin.

Aloe vera has an abundant literature! There is also a special section on this website where you can read more about this plant.

​Are these products really high quality?

​Forever Living Products (FLP), the manufacturer of the Clean 9 programme, is renowned worldwide for the high quality of its products. FLP Aloe Vera products were the first to receive the International Aloe Scientific Council's seal of approval for consistency and purity. For example, the Aloe Vera Gel and Lite Ultra in this pack are Kosher certified. In addition, the seal of recommendation of the Hungarian Association of Naturopaths certifies the high quality.

​Why is Aloe Vera gel good for so many things, how does it work?

​The most important property of Aloe Vera is that it cleanses the walls of the stomach and intestines, thus triggering a detoxification process. It is now a proven fact that one of the main causes of disease is toxins that have not been cleared from the intestines. Aloe helps to establish the correct PH in the stomach, its more than 240 active ingredients are in tune with the human body and can help where it senses trouble. It is the only herb that contains so many ingredients and is absorbed 7 times faster than water.

​Can pregnant mothers take aloe vera natural or flavoured gel?

​There is nothing to stop it, it strengthens the immune system, replenishes the nutrients absorbed, helps the baby's development, and supplements the nutrition of mum and baby. These are all medically proven facts, but for your own safety and peace of mind, I suggest you consult your doctor. Overdosing may cause laxative effects.

​Are there side effects of aloe vera gel?

​Aloe Vera is a completely natural herb. The 99% pure products contain 1% additives, which are preservatives or simple water or thickening agents (carageen). The amount of these is so small that they do not cause any side effects. The leaves of the plant contain aloin, which is also used as a laxative in the pharmaceutical industry. However, in the manufacturing process, Forever only extracts and processes the inner, lining material of the leaves. Despite this, some people may experience laxative effects, particularly in cases of excessive, deliberate ingestion. However, this is not abnormal, but stop excessive consumption and replace the lost fluids with water (H2O).

​Why is Clean 9 better than simply fasting?

​Fasting usually means too low an intake of calories and nutrients. An inadequate intake of nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals) in the right quantity and quality leads to a deficiency in the body in the long term. This can be a source of disease. On the other hand, our body cannot be fooled, when we return to our previous lifestyle, it will store fat in preparation for the next fasting period. The Clean 9 programme, on the other hand, not only teaches you how to watch what you eat, but also gives you the nutrients you need through supplements. It also offers the exercise you need to get in shape. Overall, it teaches a new way of thinking, laying the foundations for an effective lifestyle change.

​Do you have to move around during the programme?

​Forever Clean 9 is designed with movement as an integral part of the program. To get a better look and feel, you do need to get up from your chair and break a few sweats. Today, there are many gyms and home options, so everyone can find something they enjoy. It's hard to get started, but by the end of day 9 you'll feel the need to move.

​How many kg can you lose in 9 days?

​Because every person is different, there is no clear number. Experience shows that a weight loss of 2-3 kg is typical. Clean 9 is primarily a cleansing, slimming programme, so there may also be changes in the centimetre circumference. Better well-being and better nutrient absorption can be expected at the end of the 9 days. As well as laying the foundations for a possible longer term weight loss if that is your goal. 

​why no yo-yo effect?

​It's called the yo-yo effect, when you lose a few kilos on a diet and then put more back on after you've stopped dieting.

This is because the diet or diet is one-sided, or because we eat far fewer nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals) than we need. But our body is playing to survive, so when we return to our old eating habits after a diet, we start to store fat to prepare for the next "lean period". However, during the Clean 9 programme, nutritional supplements can be used alongside properly formulated meals to ensure the necessary nutrient intake. Your body doesn't go into deficit, so you don't need to stockpile later. On the other hand, Clean 9 is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. It teaches you new eating habits and how to exercise, so you can stay fit and energetic after 9 days.

​Can the 9 days be repeated several times?

​Yes, but not on an ongoing basis. The Clean 9 programme is designed to take your body through a cleansing, detoxifying process in 9 days. If you're looking to lose weight and you've completed Clean 9, the Forever F.I.T. package will help you continue. For more information, please request a call back under Contact. But twice a year is a good time to complete Clean 9. For example during a "spring - autumn clean".