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​There are many reasons why you should start this business. Here are probably the most common thirty reasons!

  1.  you have no plan to deal with the ever-increasing inflation?
  2. you are dissatisfied with your current life and want to change, but don't know how?
  3. you have lost your job, your money-earning potential?
  4. your employer has cut your salary because of the war, the crisis?
  5. are you fed up with being on the edge (all the time)? 
  6. are you looking for the means to change, but haven't found them yet? 
  7. are you simply looking for a salary supplement? 
  8. do you want a royalty income? 
  9. do you want your children or grandchildren to inherit what you have built up? 
  10. have you always wanted to start your own business but were afraid to? 
  11. do you want to create financial security for yourself and your family? 
  12. don't want to go back to work after childcare? 
  13. want to work from home, with your child? 
  14. want to spend more quality time with your family? 
  15. do you want to be present at your child's school, kindergarten or sports events?
  16. are you rebellious and creative; do you have ambition? 
  17. Are you willing to learn, change and work hard to achieve your goals? 
  18. do you want to be recognised? 
  19. do you want friends? 
  20. you want a European salary (in euros) but accept that this requires a non-Hungarian work ethic? 
  21. are you looking for progress, not a job? 
  22. have you been down there but want to know what it's like up there? 
  23. would you like to retire early with a decent financial background? 
  24. do you like to travel, work in a team, have fun and earn money at the same time? 
  25. want your car to be bought by the company? 
  26. have a health challenge? 
  27. do you want to help others (too)? 
  28. would you like to learn a new profession? 
  29. want to live healthier but don't know how? 
  30. would you like cheaper access to quality nutritional supplements?

​We are connected

​If any one of the above makes your stomach "drop", we probably need to talk, we need to meet. This will give yourself the opportunity to get that particular stomach upset out of the way! ... because what if it does, - if it works for you?

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