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​why forever?

​Forever Living Products is a privately held company that has been in business since 1978. It is well capitalised and consciously not listed on the stock exchange. 



​For ten years from 1968, Rex Maughan funded research and development to bottle a drink made from the valuable inner gel of Aloe vera leaves.


​why not start?

​​Do you want to start your own business to get rid of squirrel-wheel-like employment? Are you looking forward to Friday at eight o'clock on Monday morning?


​what to do here?

​The success of a business is guaranteed by the work, the quality of the time spent, the flexibility and, above all, the goals. No secret, you have to work here too!


​what is the Income?

​Forever does not pay on the level of business achieved, but on turnover.The commission is paid monthly, on a fixed date, exactly on time, and in Euros.


​what's in it for me?

​In the FLP business, there are no obligations, no fine print, no expectations. You'll be part of a team that wants to help, and you'll earn money while you're at it.


Why Forever?

​Forever Living Products (7501 East McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258) is a privately held company that has been in business since 1978. The fact that the company has no debts and plenty of cash is very important for paying monthly commissions. The company was registered in Hungary on June 3, 1996. Since then it has enjoyed uninterrupted success, with sales outlets in three major cities (Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged) and has shown year-on-year growth. It is also the regional centre of our country.
FLP operates in so-called vertical integration, which means that everything is under one roof: research, cultivation, processing, transport, storage, sales. The company is deliberately not listed on the stock exchange, thus avoiding takeovers.
Forever Living Products and its subsidiaries are the world's largest grower (92%), manufacturer and marketer of Aloe vera-based products. Its products include basic drinks, cosmetics, dietary supplements to support and serve the fitness and wellness industry, skin care and hygiene products. The key to Forever's success is its commitment to quality and purity. With offices in more than 164 countries and Forever Business Owners worldwide, Forever's mission is to make life healthier for everyone! It's human nature to share the good stuff. Tell your friends about Forever products and spread the word about the benefits of healthy living. This is how our community business works.
I've summarised the answers to the question that may be lurking in your mind...

"well, why should I choose Forever?"

​There are many reasons why you should start this business. Here are probably the most common thirty reasons!

  1. ​no plan to deal with the ever-increasing inflation?
  2. are you dissatisfied with your current life and want to change, but don't know how?
  3. have you lost your job or your money-earning potential?
  4. your employer has cut your salary because of the war or the crisis? 
  5. are you fed up with being on the edge (all the time)? 
  6. are you looking for the means to change, but haven't found them yet? 
  7. are you simply looking for a little extra pay? 
  8. want a royalty income?
  9. want your child or grandchild to inherit what you have built?
  10. have you always wanted to start your own business but were afraid to?
  11. want to create financial safety for yourself and your family?
  12. don't want to go back to work after childcare?
  13. want to work from home, with your child?
  14. want to spend more quality time with your family?
  15. do you want to be present at your child's school, kindergarten or sports events? 
  16. are you rebellious and creative; do you have ambition
  17. Are you willing to learn, change and work hard to achieve your goals? 
  18. do you want to be recognised
  19. do you want new friends
  20. you want a European salary (in euros), but accept that this requires a non-Hungarian work ethic? 
  21. are you looking for progress, not a job? 
  22. you've been down there but want to know what it's like up there
  23. you want to retire early with a decent financial background? 
  24. do you like travelling, working in a team, having fun and earning money at the same time? 
  25. do you want your car to be bought by the company?
  26. have a health challenge
  27. do you want to help others (too)? 
  28. would you like to learn a new profession
  29. want to live healthier but don't know how? 
  30. would you like cheaper access to quality nutritional supplements?

​In a nutshell

​Be the manager of your own business

​Join for yourself! You're free to manage your time, work from wherever you want and achieve your dreams!

​Unlimited money making

​The harder you work, the more earning potential you have. We will never hold back your income and we will never restrict you from earning it.

​Travel the world with your partner at the cost of FLP

​Become a world traveller with Forever incentives! Discover the most interesting cities around the world!

​The method is already at your disposal

​With hundreds of learning materials available online, we give you everything you need to succeed.

​You can buy at a significant discount

​Significant discounts on product purchases, with additional discounts in proportion to the level of business achieved.

​Forever is present in 164 countries

​Be part of the Forever family, now present in more than 164 countries around the world!


​I liked what I read and decided to join the Forever customer community. I accept and at the same time I invite you to be my sponsor.

Let's begin!

​I acknowledge that my joining does not in itself provide any money-making opportunities. I understand that Forever will pay commissions based on the advertising and marketing activities performed, the sales made on my ID number and the sales of those I sponsor.