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Rex Maughan founded the company in 1978 with two of the most important goals for people in mind. He had his sights set on creating Health and Material Security. Since then, FLP has been present in more than 160 countries.
Forever Living Products is the world's leading producer, processor and distributor of aloe vera-based products.

​Commitment to quality

​Forever Living is committed to producing the best products on the market. There are industry standards, there are government standards and there is Forever Living's standard of the highest quality. We grow the plants on our own plantations, process them in our own factory and sell the products through our own distribution network.


​Unlike other companies that brag about their environmental responsibility, Forever Living constantly monitors its own operational practices for efficiency. We don't do it because it's the trend, we do it because it's the right thing to do! Out of the 50 million Aloe plants we grow, 20 plants convert the same amount of CO2 into oxygens as a single tree.