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​... i.e. Multi Level Marketing.
MLM is a form of sales business. It is a worldwide version of the sales promotion marketing. It is sometimes translated as multi-level marketing or network marketing.

​The aim of the site is to present...

  • ​this form of sales
  • the advantages of MLM
  • and to dispel the fictions of misconceptions.

​There are about 200 MLM companies on the market in Hungary. Each of these companies has many, many business builders, and in this small country alone there are hundreds of thousands of MLM practitioners, so it is likely that everyone will meet at least one MLM in their lifetime. But it doesn't matter which one! Unfortunately, many people don't understand this business and are or have been doing it very badly.
Because of them, people have developed various misconceptions about MLM. Let's look at the most common misconceptions and their refutations
I will help you to make a good decision when you meet an MLM company, when someone calls you as an MLM sales associate. Here are some points to consider when making a decision.

​... and what if it's true?!

​Misconceptions and their refutation

​...because we don't like conteo, stupidity, gossip...
​You can earn a lot of money with little work!

​MLM is one of the best "screening" jobs, because you can find out pretty quickly if someone doesn't put in the effort. The formula is simple: if you don't work, you won't get a commission next month. This is not the traditional employee sector, where you can dither between two paydays...

​Good for the first to join!

​It's true in that he certainly has a lot of experience in building a business, knowing the products. He can use that experience but the mere fact that his registration number is in single digits will not get him a single petak more commission.

​It's just a "pyramid", it's just a "pilot"!

​The pilot game is dangerous and illegal because it distributes commissions to new members who join, without any consumer purchase. If there is no product or service behind the deal, then quickly leave the person offering it! And pyramids do exist, mostly in Egypt... By the way, isn't the classic corporate hierarchy a pyramid?

​You can change jobs quickly, quit your job!

​Only do this if you already earn more from the network than from your main job (your main source of income) and it provides a secure living.

​I will be completely free, I don't have to work!

​This is work! It's a lot of work to build and run a network well and thoroughly, you'll have a more flexible schedule but you'll still have to adapt to your partners and attend training courses if you want to keep up.

​MLM is a great way to work from home!

​MLM is not a "home office", you have to come and go a lot, be around people. In most networks, it is recommended to go to meetings, trainings, conferences to keep up with things and it is just as beneficial to have a good and well-groomed appearance as in a traditional business.

​Getting started is expensive as hell!

​Everyone's attitude to money is different. It is a matter of subjective judgement as to what is too much or too little for each person. The price of products and the entry fee varies from network to network (Forever, for example, has no entry fee). It is also possible to start a business quickly, at a cost of around 270,000 HUF, which is far less than the start-up capital needed to start a traditional business.
Don't judge people on how much money they have in their pockets and don't let them judge you on that either. If someone does, think about whether you'd be happy to work with someone who only cares about money, not people.

​It's easy for someone with lots of friends and acquaintances.

​You may have many friends, but not all of them may be open and curious about what you have to offer. Your closest friends and family may not be the most enthusiastic. In fact! Many times a semi-stranger or someone referred by someone else will be more enthusiastic and persistent than your close acquaintances.

No tax here!

​If you really work for a business and earn income from it, you will be taxed in the same way as in the world of the regular employee or contractor. Check the current laws before you invoice!

​Networking is easy work

​For someone it really is. It's a question of personality. Some people invest time, money and energy easily and make a lot of money almost effortlessly, while others do it with bitter struggle.

​If I like it, I'm sure others will too!

​For some people, sure, but it's a very good conflict management, failure management and very patient job. A lot of people say no - especially to the older types of networking and the so-called cold calls. It takes everyone a different amount of time to find the 'n' number of really enthusiastic and persistent business partners that you need to do good business. Good business partners are those who are more able to cope with the difficulties inherent in the nature of the work, such as: possible rejection, backtracking, personal disagreements.

​A successful person in another field will also be successful in MLM.

​You may not ask for it and you may not be as successful. You may need a completely different set of qualities in the area in which you are successful, and it may not be to your advantage in this business.

​It's simple, just copy the sponsor.

​Not everyone is able and willing to copy and follow others faithfully, to be a master. This also requires a high level of trust, in most cases a rule-following personality and commitment. In addition, only a very good and experienced, informed, ethical sponsor, who is really worth following and copying, but not without reason. Human intelligence is there to filter out the irrational. Don't copy and blindly follow anyone or anything. Don't be afraid to ask questions, to consider if you must.

​You can build a better business with easily malleable people.

​Resilience and adaptability do not equal weakness of character and impressionability. People of strong character and solidity do better, and are more "resilient" in this type of business.

​In this business, I have to lie.

​Don't do it by accident! Intentional or unintentional misleading, misinformation, or lack of information can harm you and others, and lead to mistrust. Be honest in every respect. Don't allow important information to be withheld from you just to go to a meeting, enter a store or make a purchase.

​All MLM systems offer high quality and cheap products.

​First of all, cheapness/expensiveness is relative! They may be cheaper than other products of similar quality, but they may not be for everyone's wallet. How much someone spends in their lifetime on certain expenses depends on their life situation and individual thinking.

​I have to peddle, I have to be violent!

​The days of the "throw me out the door - climb through the window" agent are over. No need to convince anyone, shove the product down their throat. You do better with genuinely enthusiastic, open and interested people. Spend your time with those who are interested in the opportunity, go for the easy hit, using the "hundredth monkey" principle, you might win over the tougher people over time once they see how well it has worked for others.

​I have to sell something.

No. Leave the selling to Forever. You have your own well-established production, supply, warehousing and distribution systems. All you have to do is to credibly recommend the product and show the ways to buy (warehouse, online, home delivery...)

​It is a sect.

​Unfortunately, you can still hear this nonsense sometimes! The word of the sect leader is the command, and everyone carries it out without a second thought.

​The market is becoming saturated.

​Think about whether there is still bread for sale in the world... can you still sell a washing machine... can you still sell schoolbags - and so on. Forever offers fast-selling (FMCG) products anyway. There is no such thing as saturating a market; it is economic nonsense!